The Ness Agency of St. James was purchased in 1960 from the Ed G. Mutsch Agency, a 30 year old service agency.

The Ness Agency has been serving this community and the surrounding area for 60+ years already and plans to continue to do so for a long time to come. Agents and office staff are: Jay Ness, Matt Ness, Steve Johnson, DJ Brey, Jenni Hanson, and Renea Meyer in the St. James office. The Ness Agency also has an office located in Butterfield.

In 2015 the Ness Agency and Andy Swanson went together and purchased the Harder Agency that is located in Odin. Harder Agency consists of Agents Andy Swanson, Beth Winters, and Liz Schmidt.

We are here to serve your insurance needs whether it be personal insurance, commercial insurance, health insurance – most every kind of insurance is available thru the Ness Agency.

Give us a call, it doesn’t cost anything to get an insurance quote, but it could save you money or improve your coverage’s!